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National 811 Day Reminder - Call Before You Dig

An underground utility line is damaged every six minutes in the United States, meaning that ten times an hour, a potentially dangerous and quite costly incident causes a utility outage for anywhere from one customer to an entire neighborhood, business park or factory.

Don’t be a statistic. Remember that, whether a homeowner with a shovel or a professional excavator with an earthmover, you MUST call before you dig. Calling 811 is free and mitigates the potential for loss of power or worse, loss of life.

Your call should be made at least two to three business days prior to excavating. Examples of some activities that require a call to 811 include:

  • Utility excavation
  • Land development activities
  • Maintenance construction activities
  • Landscaping

Once your underground utilities have been marked, you will know their approximate location and can safely begin your dig, following safe excavation practices.

To learn more about 811, visit