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Duarte Launches Slow Streets Program to Promote Socially-Distant Outdoor Activities

This week, the City of Duarte launched “Slow Streets,” a program designed to empower pedestrians and cyclists to take their 6 feet of physical distance with the help of slowed drivers.

The program calls for the City to place sponsored signs on residential streets that have been designated a slow street. Any Duarte resident or local organizations, such as churches, homeowners' associations, school or parent-teacher associations, local nonprofits or community-based organizations, is eligible to sponsor a slow street. Sponsors will check the equipment daily to ensure that it is still intact and in place. They will also be responsible for notifying the City if the equipment is broken or signage is missing, broken or tagged. 

“I always believe that public safety is number one,” said Duarte Mayor Samuel Kang. “If we are able to communicate that COVID is real and encourage social distancing, then we are going to have to slow down–We’re all walking.”

Designated slow streets will remain active seven days a week, 24 hours a day until COVID-19 restriction orders are lifted or a sponsor withdraws their participation. 

While the Slow Streets Program is intended to promote physical distancing, it still requires residents to practice other safety measures for protecting themselves, their loved ones and their neighbors from the coronavirus. Residents must wear or bring face coverings along in case they find themselves on a route that puts them in the proximity of others. Additionally, large group gatherings continue to be prohibited. More guidance on protecting oneself and others from coronavirus is on our What You Need to Know About COVID-19 webpage.

“You’ve found a way to make it less expensive and save lives,” said Duarte City Councilmember Margaret Finlay.

To apply to become a sponsor or learn more about the program, please visit our Duarte Slow Streets Program webpage.