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New RV Parking Rules to Take Effect in Duarte

New rules for parking recreational vehicles (RVs) are now in effect in the City of Duarte. The ordinance restricts overnight parking of RVs on city streets between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

After a unanimous recommendation by the Public Safety Commission for the creation of an RV parking permit program, the Duarte City Council adopted Ordinance No. 891 at its May 14th meeting. The ordinance added a new chapter 11.15 to the Duarte Municipal Code relating to permit and license requirements for overnight parking of recreation vehicles on city right of way.

The goal of the ordinance is to effectively manage the parking of RVs in the City of Duarte and address the many complaints by residents, visitors and business owners associated with overnight parking of RVs on city streets.

“The main crux of this was due to complaints from residents about RVs not moving and being stored permanently on streets,” Duarte Public Safety Director Brian Villalobos stated at the City Council meeting on May 14th. He explained that permanent street storage proved a safety hazard as street access narrowed and the oversized vehicles blocked line of sight, sometimes placing drivers in potentially hazardous conditions.

Additionally, surrounding cities have also passed similar ordinances that pushed permanent RV parkers to move their recreational vehicles to Duarte streets given the lack of regulations.

“During recent business visits, several proprietors complained that permanent RV parking was also causing increased illegal dumping near their businesses including human waste,” explained Karen Herrera, Duarte Public Information Officer. “The ordinance gives the Public Safety Department the necessary tools to address RV owners that act without regard to the health and safety of others in the City of Duarte.”

At the request of City Council, Villalobos returned to Council with a fee resolution and implementation plan for the new ordinance. At the August 27 meeting, Council approved the new fee structure which includes up to three free daily permits for senior residents (age 60+) per month. Public Safety will issue warnings starting Sept. 3, giving residents nearly a month to make necessary storage arrangements. On Oct. 1, Public Safety will begin issuing citations for violations of the ordinance. Citations will be assessed a $60 penalty.

Additional details:

  • Starting Tues., Sept. 3, all RVs parked on a public street will require an overnight (10 p.m. to 6 a.m.) parking permit.
  • Parking permits can only be obtained at the Public Safety Office (1042 Huntington Dr.)
  • Resident parking permits are $5 a day, up to six days per month.
  • Guest parking permits are $10 a day, up to six days per month.
  • Senior residents (age 60+) can obtain three free daily permits per month.

For more information, please contact Duarte Public Safety at (626) 357-7938.