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City of Duarte Asks for Community Help in Assembling Care Kits

From residents to businesses, the Duarte community has been asking City staff how they can assist in addressing the needs of those experiencing homelessness. Building on this call from our community, Duarte Public Safety is launching a new year-round initiative to collect homeless care kits donated by residents, businesses, and local groups that want to help.

The initiative was first introduced by the Duarte Public Safety Outreach Coordinator Tony Hadloc at the May meeting of the Duarte Coordinating Council. Presenting to the Duarte Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs, the Chamber of Commerce, and other community service and non-profit organizations, Hadloc spoke on the need for care kits and what items are best to include. He asked that groups organize members and events around building kits together and to spread the word to other service organizations such as local Girl and Boy Scout troops, in addition to families and individuals who want to be involved. “We have a great partnership with Foothill Unity Care to assist the City in homeless services, including hygiene kits,” stated Hadloc, “but they are limited resource as their work extends beyond Duarte in supporting communities. Duarte Public Safety knows that residents want to help, and this is an opportunity for us to tap into that generousness.”

Gallon-size Ziploc care kits generally contain items that provide immediate relief such as a pair of fresh socks, granola bars, chapstick, deodorant, and a bottle of water. A full list can of items can be in the included graphic.

Kits can be dropped off at the Public Safety Office (1042 Huntington Dr.). During the summer months, residents and organizations can also drop kits off at the Public Safety booth at City events such as Community Movie Nights and the Concerts in the Park Series. View the Community Calendar for details.

Hadloc joined the Public Safety Department in 2010, serving as a Community Service Officer. As Outreach Coordinator, Hadloc acts as Duarte’s liaison for the homeless population. His goal is to improve public health through educating the public and connecting service providers with vulnerable residents living on the street. A profile of Hadloc can be found in the Summer 2019 Edition of Duarte City News.