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The City is very pleased to announce that as part of our "Town Center Specific Plan, ” near the corner of Huntington Drive and Buena Vista, the land owned by Consortium Holdings, LLC, has recently signed a franchise agreement with Wyndham Hotels, one of the largest hotel chains in the world,  to develop a Hawthorn Suites model from their portfolio of hotels. This will be the first branded hotel to be built in the city. Hawthorn Suites is in the upper moderate segment of the extended-stay market. With large spacious suites complete with fully equipped kitchens, Hawthorn is the perfect place to enjoy an extended stay. Hawthorn helps you feel at home with onsite laundry facilities, fitness centers, social hours and more.

This is an important prospect as part of the Duarte Town Center Specific Plan. Under the plan, the land use allows this hotel development with approval of a conditional use permit, to go up to six stories, or 90 feet in height, and a bonus floor area ratio of 2.5. This compares very favorably with the previous allowable floor area ratio of 0.5. In light of this, the developer will be submitting plans to initiate the building permit process. 

It is expected that the world-renowned cancer hospital, City of Hope (right down the street from this hotel project location), will take advantage of the hotel resulting from demand generated by patients and relatives, business travelers, and medical researchers and visiting professors. This demand for these facilities is currently met by a variety of different accommodations in the region, often requiring City of Hope visitors to drive long distance. This hotel project is expected to fulfill the existing and increased demand in the immediate area of the hospital.