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Members of the Duarte Community, please be aware that the below flyers have been distributed to portions of the City advertising the legal conversion of garages into rentable second units.  Unfortunately, the company promoting these conversions did not check with the City of Duarte to see if conversions of this nature were legal under existing City codes. As a result, the notices provide misleading, and incorrect information. The Company also did not obtain the proper licenses to distribute flyers within the community.  


The City of Duarte does have a legal process to create a rentable second unit, now known under State law as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU).   In fact, the City has had codes allowing ADU’s since the mid-1980’s, with the most recent revision last year to meet new State laws.  


Converting your garage without proper City approvals and permits is not only unsafe, but could also lead to enforcement action or citations.  The City’s Planning Division is available to answer questions about building an ADU and to help residents understand what options they have to expand or construct an additional unit on their property.  For information on adding an ADU on your property, please contact Duarte City Hall at 626-357-7931. 


Garage Conversion Flyer

( Garage Conversion Flyer )