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LA County Cities to Receive less than 2% of $355 million Measure H Sales Tax Funds to Combat Homelessness

DUARTE, CA - City officials have been informed that the LA County Board of Supervisors at their September 4thmeeting will vote to set aside less than 2% of Measure H’s $355 million annual revenue to LA County’s 88 cities to combat homelessness in their communities. An approximate $6 million dollar annual grant program would be the total set aside from the ¼ cent sales tax that went into effect in November of 2017.   The City of Duarte electorate overwhelmingly voted for Measure H and the City Council also passed a resolution in favor of the measure as well. The recent Homeless Count that occurred in January of this year shows Los Angeles County homeless numbers in excess of 56,000; with over 3,500 residing in the San Gabriel Valley; a 5% increase from the previous year.    The City of Duarte’s most recent homeless count numbers for 2018 were 15 unsheltered.  



Supervisors Barger, Hahn and Solis who represent 61 of LA County’s cities support a fair local return of Measure H dollars to cities.  Supervisor’s Kuehl and Ridley-Thomas do not support the Cities having access to these needed funds.  You can help our City make a positive difference on this issue by contacting Los Angeles County Supervisor’s Mark Ridley Thomas and Shelia Kuehl, by phone, email or social media and let them know that Cities deserve an equitable share of Measure H Funds.  

Stress the following points:


  • The County just funded over 40 custom City developed homeless reduction plans around community input. Give them the dollars to implement them; 


  • Cities just like the County are expending millions of dollars on homeless services and need funds. Maximize Measure H Funds by leveraging local municipal programs tailored to move local homeless persons into permanent supportive housing;  
  • Voters will not renew Measure H funds if they do not see a positive shift in the homeless problem; 
  • Permanent supportive housing developed by a community must have local preference to house those homeless within their community;   
  • Voters are expecting to see the County and Cities working together to make a significant difference in one of County’s most pressing problems.  The County alone cannot fix the problem!  

Supervisor information is as follows: 

Mark Ridley Thomas, Second District Supervisor

 Phone: 213.974.2222


Facebook -

Twitter - @mridleythomas


Sheila Kuehl, Third District Supervisor

Phone: 213.974.3333

Facebook –

Twitter - @SheilaKuehl

 “City of Duarte residents overwhelmingly supported Measure H thinking that this new revenue would help both City and County officials tackle a problem drastically affecting the business and residential areas of Duarte.  Had we known the County intended to keep all the revenue for its own operations and not assist Cities, I can honestly say most Duare voters would not have supported it.”  

Additionally, the County Board of Supervisors are also not expending any of the $355 million dollar annual Measure H funds on Fire and Public Safety Operations; the true first responders to the homeless community.  An example of this underfunding is the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has one eight-person specially trained team to cover all of its more than 40 contract cities plus all County unincorporated areas. Needless to say, it is a near impossible task.  

County staff first approached City officials in 2017 to support the measure as a means of creating a long-term solution to homelessness throughout LA  County.  City officials initially expressed concern to the County about the vagueness of the Measure H’s language for it did not specifically include an equitable local return revenue formula to assist them in combating the issue  in their own backyards.   Unfortunately, this concern has now come to fruition and the City needs both resident and business community pressure to make the County understand this is not what the voters intended when Measure H was passed.  For additional information on the City’s struggle to gain financial resources to combat homelessness, contact the City of Duarte at 626-357-7931.



( City of Duarte-Irwindale Plan to Combat Homelessness )