Tree issues

Field Services Division is responsible for several city maintenance activities including landscaping, tree trimming, traffic signal repairs, graffiti removal, sewer and storm drain maintenance, street markings, and special projects as needed. The crew is on an emergency call-out 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Irrigation & Street Lighting Inspections

Field Services has implemented a citywide monthly inspection of all its’ city-owned and maintained irrigation systems and streetlights. Staff reports early to work each month and writes a report on the locations that need either repairs on maintenance and proceeds to make the necessary corrections. This procedure has been a very effective tool and it makes our division more pro-active than re-active.

Catch Basin – Citywide

Field Services has a policy of reacting to inclement weather reports so noted by the press and news releases. Staff immediately re-inspects all our catch basins, cleaning any debris, trash or foreign objects that may cause a possible back up or flood conditions. Crews record the time and conditions of each catch basin.

Weed Control

Field Services has annually established a weed eradication program that encompasses the entire city limits. Spraying all weeds in the right-of-ways, thoroughfares, and alleys to ensure that our thoroughfares are free of weeds and any sucker growth. This program has had a major impact on our ability to provide an aesthetically pleasing city.

Hillside Brush Clearance

The City works with LA County Fire Department to create defensible space around homes in the hillside areas adjacent to wildlands.