Crime Statistics

Each February, the City of Duarte Public Safety Department publishes Part 1 Crimes  Statistics for the previous calendar year. The Part I Crimes are the eight crime categories used by law enforcement agencies throughout the United States and are reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Property Crime is monitored and reported to the public quarterly via our Duarte News delivered to all our Duarte residents and surrounding communities.

Uniform Crime Reporting

Since 1930, annual crime statistics are published for the previous calendar year in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (UCR) publication, Crime in the United States. This volume is a collection of data submitted by local, state and county law enforcement agencies utilizing a standardized set of reporting criteria through the Uniform Crime Reporting program. The Crime in the United States volume is publicly accessible at

Crime Mapping

Crime is the newest way to share statistical information with the community. This nationwide free service is hosted by the omega group, and their technology allows you to click on icons to get detailed information on crimes in your area, such as vandalism, theft, assaults or burglary.

Visit them at