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City Manager's Update

Thank you for visiting the official website for the City of Duarte. The City Manager, Darrell George, is appointed by the City Council. The position is responsible for implementing the policies and directives of the City Council within the foundation of the City’s Mission Statement. The Manager also directs the various City departments and services with responsibilities that include presenting an annual budget, coordinating a variety of public information resources for both internal and public distribution, and is also the appointed City Treasurer and Director of Public Safety. Additionally, the City Manager is responsible for the long-range planning for the organization and the development of recommendations to the City Council on a variety of public policy issues.

Darrell George has been serving as the City Manager of Duarte since October of 2004 and has over 25 years of experience in local government. Prior to working in Duarte, he was the Director of Community Development for the Cites of Downey and Pomona and the City Planner for the City of Santa Monica. Darrell earned his M.P.A. from University of Southern California and his B.A. from University of Massachusetts at Amehurst. Darrell believes in an open door policy for City employees and also for the public. If you would like to meet with him regarding City topics, please feel free to contact the City Manager’s office to schedule a meeting by calling (626) 357-7931 or emailing

One of the most important roles of the City Manager’s Office is to help our community access information and services from their city government. The City’s on-going public information efforts to enhance communications between the City and the community are managed through the Deputy City Manager/Public Information Officer, Karen Herrera. As part of the City’s communications program, the City publishes a quarterly newsletter, The “Duarte Community News”, issues press releases and is on four social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. These efforts are designed to keep the community apprised of programs and services the City offers.

Please take advantage of the wealth of information and resources provided here on our website, and please never hesitate to get in touch with us here at City Hall. The City of Duarte welcomes your questions, ideas and involvement.