Graffiti Abatement

Maintaining a graffiti-free City has always been a point of pride for Duarte. Keeping Duarte clean of graffiti remains a priority for the City as it is for residents. Graffiti removal service is provided on an as needed basis. Graffiti removal is conducted Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

To streamline graffiti removal service, the public can now report graffiti via a form or by telephone to Field Services at (626) 357-7931. Include the specific address or location of the graffiti (make sure you can identify if it is private or public property and if it is in the City of Duarte or in the LA County area), a description of the graffiti, and the name and phone number of the person making the request.

Duarte Field Services processes requests for graffiti removal only on public property, including traffic signs, bus and park benches, and City buildings. The Public Safety office will continue to address graffiti removal on private property. It remains the responsibility of the private property owner to remove graffiti from their property.

To report graffiti within the Los Angeles County jurisdiction (Un-incorporated Duarte), please call LA County Graffiti Removal at (800) 675-4357 or click here to go to the on-line reporting page. Private Property Graffiti Removal - It is the owner's responsibility to remove graffiti from their property.

City Ordinances regarding graffiti are enforced and are as follows:

9.18.050 Graffiti-Removal

It is declared to be a public nuisance for the owner of any property, public or private, to permit graffiti to remain thereon for more than forty-eight hours. Abatement proceedings shall be conducted pursuant to the appropriate section of this code if not removed or contracted for removal by the city.

9.18.060 Graffiti removal--Limitation

Such funds shall be used only to remove the graffiti or other inscribed material itself, and not for the painting or repair of a more extensive area. (Ord. 463 § 1 (part), 1979)

9.18.070 Graffiti removal--Finding

Such removal with city funds may be performed only after a finding by the city manager that the graffiti or other inscribed material is obnoxious, and, in the case of a publicly owned structure, only after securing the consent of the public entity having jurisdiction over the structure, and in the case of a privately owned structure, only after securing the consent of the owner. (Ord. 463 § 1 (part), 1979)

9.18.080 Graffiti--Property owner responsibility

The property owner shall supply any paint required for graffiti removal pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. The property owner shall also pay to the city the actual cost of the labor required for the graffiti removal. (Ord. 463 §1 (part), 1979)