Solicitor Permits

Solicitors Rules & Regulations

Anyone soliciting, peddling, or canvasing  in the City of Duarte must have a visible City of Duarte issued permit and obtain a badge/identification (ID) card from the Director of Finance.

It is unlawful for solicitors, peddlers, canvassers to knock, or ring the bell of any residence that has a visible sign posted stating that "no peddlers or solicitors" or words of similar import indicating that peddlers or solicitors are not wanted on the premises. It is unlawful for any person to engage in peddling or soliciting between the hours of nine p.m. and nine a.m. in the city of Duarte. It is unlawful for any solicitor, peddler, canvasser to refuse to leave any residence when asked to do so.


How to Obtain A Solicitation License When You Need A Solicitor License

Anyone who solicits from the general public in the City by means of personal representatives or collectors must register with the Director of Finance.


Note: religious and educational organizations are exempt from the solicitor and peddler requirements. (This exemption does not absolve non-profit organizations)

How to Obtain A Solicitor License

A solicitor license can be obtained at City Hall in the Administrative Services department in person. 

What You Need

When applying for a Solicitation License in person, you must bring the following materials with you, or your application cannot be processed.


  • The name of the licensee (your name), proof of identification, and any other name under which your business is to be conducted.
  • The name of the organization or institution along with its aims and purposes. Local and national addresses and phone numbers for the organization or institution.
  • Names and residence addresses of each officer, along with complete list of names and residence addresses of any board of managers or directors.
  • Names of all persons authorized to solicit and residence addresses and terms of their employment.
  • Fingerprints Any other data and information as the Finance Department or designee may deem necessary or advisable in order to furnish complete and satisfactory identification.


The Fee

A license fee of $250.00 a day (a yearly 3% Cost of Living Increase will be applied); provided, however, that no permit shall be required for the sale of goods, wares or merchandise at wholesale or for soliciting orders at wholesale; and provided further, that each such permit shall authorize not to exceed ten salesmen or solicitors, each of whom shall.


All non-profit organizations qualified to receive tax deductible contributions under IRC 501 (C) 3 shall be exempt from the payment of the license fee of sixty-one dollars a day.  Chapter 5.16 of the Duarte Municipal Code Describes the Rules & Regulations for Solicitors and Peddlers in Duarte. For more detailed information please visit our Municipal Code


To confirm Solicitor badges, please contact Business License Division at (626) 386-6813 Monday - Thursday, 7:30 - 6:00 pm or call Public Safety at (626) 357-7938, Friday - Saturday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.