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2018 Street Rehabilitation Project Update!

The 2018-19 City of Duarte Street Rehabilitation Project is currently underway. Highland Avenue from Duarte Road to Central Avenue and the east side of Mountain Avenue from Meridian Street to Joella Street will be repaved Friday, February 7th. Public Works Crews will start at 7am and be completed by 5pm. While the contractor will maintain one lane of traffic in each direction drivers may experience some delays. Bus stops may also be impacted during the repaving process. 

Due to road paving tomorrow, some Duarte Transit bus stops will be affected from 9 AM - 5 PM. Blue & Green Route: No stop on Highland Ave. at Business Center Dr. *Stop will be on Duarte Rd. at Gold Line Gate. Green Route: No stops on (37) Duarte Rd. at Buena Vista St. & (42) Evergreen St. at Duncannon Ave.

The observance of traffic control and parking signs in the construction zones is greatly appreciated. 

The 2018-19 Street Rehabilitation Project consists of 6 sections of roadway that will be overlaid.  They are as follows:

  1. Highland Avenue – From Duarte Road to Central Avenue 
  2. Mountain Avenue east side of street – Meridian Street to Joella Street 
  3. Santo Domingo Avenue – From Central Avenue to Huntington Drive - Completed 
  4. Fairlee Avenue – Central Avenue to Maynard Drive - Completed
  5. Bloomdale Street – From Mount Olive Drive to Crestfield Drive - Completed
  6. Francita Avenue –From Royal Oaks Drive to end of street - Completed 

The program also both ensures preservation of existing pavement and extends its overall life.  Thus, 8 sections of roadway have been identified for slurry seal application. They are as follows: 

  1. Calle Martos – From Calle Andra to Las Lomas Road
  2. Calle Adra – From Huntington Drive to Calle Martos
  3. Calle Linares – From Calle Martos to end of street
  4. Calle Malaga – From Calle Martos to end of street 
  5. Calle Villada – From Calla Arda to Calla Arda 
  6. Bashor Street – From Las Lomas Road to Vineyard Avenue 
  7. Brinsey Avenue – From Royal Oaks Drive to end of street
  8. Vineyard Avenue – From Royal Oaks Drive to end of street  

Funding for this project is partially through Senate Bill 1 (SB 1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. This critical road improvement funding is allowing public agencies up and down the State to start catching up on the backlog of needed street improvements.  These projects also make significant improvements in California’s transportation infrastructure, mobility, employment picture and local economy. by making streets, roads and bridges safer, smoother and sustainable. Caltrans is also partially funding the improvements.   For more information on SB 1 projects and locations, visit Caltrans/CalSTA's website, Rebuilding CA.  For questions regarding the street rehabilitation projects, call Duarte City Hall at (626) 357-7931 Ext. 233.