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California Mosquito Week April 15 - 21

The common house mosquito loves lounging and laying eggs in dirty pools. However, invasive Aedesmosquitoes prefer small pools of water in items like bottle caps, small vases, old tires and any container that can hold a small amount of water.

But all mosquitoes love one thing, standing water. Simply by tip 'n' tossing containers that can hold standing water can make a big difference. So, join the conversation on social media using #MosquitoWeek and be a public health hero in your community.

 What's the big deal about Aedesmosquitoes?

They are efficient at transmitting several human arboviruses including chikungunya, dengue, yellow fever, and Zika. In recent U.S. history, Aedesmosquitoes were responsible for Zika outbreaks in Florida, Texas, and Hawaii. If you travel (Europe, Asia and South America), please be aware you could be a carrier of diseases and not know it! 

Check travel advisories

 How do I know they're infesting my home? 

  • You or a family member receive mosquito bites during the day
  • Mosquitoes are biting indoors (office, home, garage)
  • You notice black-and-white adult mosquitoes smaller than a pinky nail

     How do I keep them out of my home?

     First step: Tip 'n Toss!

    Tip out any stagnant water, and toss out unused containers. Eliminating stagnant water around your home prevents mosquitoes from developing in the first place.

     How did the invasiveAedesget here?

     In 2011, the San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control Districtstaff identified a thriving population of Aedesalbopictusin the city of El Monte. The mosquito was able to find suitable micro-habitats in flower pots, planters, and watered vegetation surrounding people's homes. In subsequent years, Aedesaegypti and Aedes notoscriptuswere also identified in the Los Angeles area. Reports started coming in of localized infestations up and down the entire state of California. 

     How do I get help?

    The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito and Vector Control Districtcovers 26 cities including Alhambra, Azusa, Baldwin Park, Bradbury, Claremont, Covina, Duarte, El Monte, Glendora, Industry, Irwindale, La Puente, La Verne, Monterey Park, Monrovia, Pasadena, Pomona, Rosemead, San Dimas, San Gabriel, Sierra Madre, South Pasadena, Temple City, West Covina, Walnut, and also includes some unincorporated portions of L.A. County.  They provide surveillance, inspection and treatment for mosquitoes and black flies, including:

  • Investigation and/or treatment of neglected pools
  • Delivery of mosquito fish
  • Investigation/surveillance of day biting mosquitoes
  • Investigation into excessive activity of biting insects

 You can request service by calling (626) 814-9466 or visit