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Citywide Street Sweeping Program Begins to Roll Out April 2018; Warnings begin May 1st; Citations Not Issued Until August 1st

In response to years of concerns from residents about street cleanliness and litter on City streets, starting April of 2018, the City of Duarte will begin rolling out its recently approved Mandatory Citywide Street Sweeping Program. The first step in the roll-out is the installation of new parking restriction signs. Following the sign installation, a three-month grace period starting May 1st will commence where written warning notices only will be issued. At the conclusion of the 90-day grace and education period, Duarte Public Safety will start issuing $60 citations August 1st. It is very important that residents pay close attention to the dates and times stated on the posted signs in their neighborhood to avoid citations!


For resident convenience, the City of Duarte Mandatory Street Sweeping program sweeps one side one day and the other side on the next day in four different quadrants during three-hour time windows.


Generally, quadrant locations and days of the week are as follows:


  • Quadrant 1, located in the northeast section of the City, will be swept on Mondays and Wednesdays;
  • Quadrant 2, in the furthest north and central sections of the City will be swept on Wednesdays and Thursdays;
  • Quadrant 3 described as the central section of the City will be swept on Thursdays and Fridays;
  • Quadrant 4 described as the southwest portion of the City will be swept on Mondays and Fridays.


Specifically, street sweeping timeframes are broken down as follows:


  • Quadrants 2 and 4 from 7 am to 10 am and 9 am to noon;
  • Quadrants 1 and 3 from 11 am to 2 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm.


As the City gears up for this transition, please be aware of the rules regarding refuse and recycling bins in the public right of way. Generally speaking, bins must be stored out of public view and cannot be placed in the front yard. Additionally, bins are not allowed to be placed on any street, alley or parkway in the City prior to 6 pm the day before a resident’s regularly scheduled refuse pick-up. On the day of collection, bins need to put away, out of public view prior to 8 pm. In the Mesa area only of the City, trash bins containing garbage or refuse, may not be placed on the street or parkway prior to six a.m. on the day of the regularly scheduled collection in order to not encourage any unnecessary wildlife or bear activity.


The program set to roll out in phases beginning April, 2018 is a direct result of action originally taken by the Duarte City Council in May of 2016. At that meeting, the group originally voted to create a pilot street sweeping program that required vehicle removal from both sides of City streets on sweeping days. This program was further revamped in October of the same year following feedback from the pilot area allowing residents to park on one side one day, and the other side the next.


For additional information on the proposed street sweeping program or to find out what quadrant you are located in, contact Duarte Public Safety at 626-357-7938 or visit, homepage and click on the street sweeping icon.

( Citywide Street Sweeping Map )