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CS Arts to Open This August Bringing to Duarte one of the Country's Top Schools

DUARTE, CA - The new California School of the Arts (CS Arts) campus is coming this fall to the City of Duarte. After several preview days, enrollment is growing and the campus plans to open in mid-August. In addition to being the satellite campus of one of the top high schools in the Country, the entity also brings a whole host of community benefits.


  • Camp CSA (Beginning Fall 2018): A ten-week, after-school series of beginning level arts training workshops led by advanced CSArts students, for students in grades' 4-6, attending schools in San Gabriel Valley.


  • Gluck Community Service Arts Fellowship Program (Fall 2018): Free artistic performances and programs for underserved/underrepresented individuals in various San Gabriel Valley community venues, such as youth centers, schools, nursing and retirement facilities, health centers, parks, and community agencies.


  • CSArts Academy (January 2018): Low-cost community arts classes provided to hundreds of children and adults at all ability levels who are interested in enriching their lives through arts education. Classes will be taught by professional CSA artist teachers on the California School of the Arts – San Gabriel Valley campus on weekends.


  • Summer Camps/Arts Classes (Summer 2018): Five-week summer Arts Exploration Camp. Students age 8-15 explore many options and piece together a summer arts experience tailored to your interests and talents. There are opportunities for beginning and advanced students in all artistic fields.